0 x Viking Cup Winners:
5 x Beer Drinking Winners:
2 x Vets Cup Winners:

The Beijing Vikings will be on a quest for revenge in Hua Hin! After losing every single game in Singapore by one goal, Shanghai took advantage of our tired legs and injuries to beat us in the Spoon final. But we’ve since used those coveted spoons to eat Wheaties, grow stronger, and build a team that truly threatens to win this year’s Viking Cup (seriously, stop laughing… we can hear you)!!

After a couple of shocking losses to start the 2018 campaign, the Beijing Vikings have turned their season around and are currently on a long unbeaten streak.  New additions have proven vital to our Fall 2018 success, including our fiery goalkeeper extraordinaire, “Hands of Hungary” Patrik Izing.  A rotating captaincy between our dominant central defenders Hans Herman and David Ness has provided the leadership and direction to right this ship and raid on long into the future!  There’s no shortage of confidence among this edition of the Beijing Vikings…. with the addition of past players from far and wide, we’re sure to surprise this year!

Beijing has yet to claim the cup in the open football tournament…. HOLD OUR BEERS, challenge accepted.

The Vets will be back in search of a third title after disappointment last year.  And our reinforced, fearsomely fast beer-drinkers will no doubt return to raise the level of the most important annual Viking Cup trophy!

We’re coming for you, Thailand!  Beware of the Beijing Vikings!!