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After some 28 years of relative (perceived) autonomy in Asia, the Copenhagen Vikings aka your Mothership has decided to conduct an overdue inspection of the Vassal States in the Outer Asian Rims of the vast Viking-controlled area, the largest Empire of all time. If you feared the Spanish inquisition, this should have you shivering in your football shorts.

We have gathered the Northmen and their followers from around the Globe to finally create the CPH Vikings. Bringing ample of Bell-shape & Spillage, CPH enters the Viking Cup and write nothing less than history. With around 100 Viking Cup participations and multiple trophies in perhaps the most important VC category between the players, CPH is a force to be reckoned with. Most of the lads have returned to the well-known Danish home soil while others are still roaming more exotic locations from San Francisco via Lagos to Norway and Australia with no Vikings near, making CPH the obvious Dream Team.

Copenhagen Vikings had a fuel injection in 2017 creating version 2.0 full of optimism and faith. The CPH Vikings with its new setup and a victory at the local Celtic Cup 7s in August 2017 has never appeared stronger.

On a different note, we hope this can kick start the team to be prepared for the fall season as a fully registered football club placed in the lower Danish amateur leagues and, if so requested, as a possible future host of the Viking Cup. And for your all:  something to come home to!  It’s not all lawn mowing and DIY wall cavity insulation in CPH!

CPH Vikings is not a mayfly and we welcome all the ASIA returnees to join CPH Vikings in our future conquests.

Finally, a big shout of appreciation to Singapore Vikings for hosting the largest Viking Cup in history. This will without doubt be (another) one to remember!

Bell-shape & Spillage!
Copenhagen Vikings