2 x Viking Cup Winners:
2 x Beer Drinking Winners:
0 x Vets Cup Winners:

The Saigon Vikings once more set sail and this time they really want it! Ready to put any Viking that stands in their way straight into row X, the Saigon Vikings have one mission this year, bring home that trophy. League titles have been captured in Saigon including a treble last year but the one trophy we covet above all others is the Viking Cup.

Coach Colin ‘Crusher of hands’ Dixon is still in charge and has been sending out quotes on a weekly basis to firm up the team. He knows the other Viking teams will have 15 minutes when they put us under pressure but the Raiders will withstand the onslaught. Despite only having a ‘good’ night not a ‘great’ night on the Friday last year the Raiders were eliminated in the Semi Final on penalties by the Bangkok Vikings. Andy was immediately banished into the icy tundra never to be seen again. Now, despite a pre-tournament tour to Bangkok, where mead was drunk between the two teams there can only be one winner.

With a team full of silent assassins, Ice men, Game changers, and Gary…the Saigon Vikings are ready. Rumour has it they may even have a half decent Vets team. The drinking team of old, the double winners may have been woken from their slumber and are being gently coaxed out of retirement in order to establish dreams of an unprecedented treble. Oh and we finally have a Danish player or two! It must be the End of Days! Please update the graph. Eh Kargo! Kargo Italiano!