2 x Viking Cup Winners:
2 x Beer Drinking Winners:
0 x Vets Cup Winners:

The Shanghai Vikings were founded in 1995 (one year earlier than Beijing) and has since established itself as, not only the oldest, but the wisest, best run, nicest and most handsome Viking team in China. Although retaining a Danish core, the Shanghai Vikings pride itself on its inclusive approach to membership and strong multicultural squad, boasting not only two Brazilians but also a f*#%ing Canadian!

In every team there needs to be a chubby guy with a good touch, that’s just the way it is. A huge difference this year for the Shanghai Vikings is that we have replaced our guy! Midfield maestro Stefan Buchhave Søgaard was so eager to branch out and start his own team that he decided to leave. He was quoted claiming “I want to go and make a new Viking team in the most exotic city I can think of.” As, Bangkok, Saigon and Kuala Lumpur were already taken he went to the next best place…Copenhagen! Stefan will be coming up against our new CGGT (chubby guy – good touch) Gustav (something Swedish). Certainly a player to watch out for on the pitch with multiple MOTM awards this season. Gustav could even be a pro (if, in his own words, he was faster and thinner).

The Shanghai Vikings put in such a strong performance in the league last season that promotion to the Premiership of the SIFL was inevitable. What has happened this season, after promotion, isn’t important as focus has and always will be on the Viking Cup! In fact, the desire to win the Viking Cup this year has led to some big decisions; most notably the return of Beijing Vikings MVP from 2017, Martin Lambertsen. Martin, will NOT be staying ‘Home Alone’ reliving last year’s TWO penalty misses.

The Shanghai Vikings have their eye on the prize this year and do not intend to go home empty handed; anything will do, the cup, veteran’s cup, beer drinking trophy, Hax, PR9… literally anything.