4 x Viking Cup Winners:
2 x Beer Drinking Winners:
1 x Vets Cup Winners:

The Singapore Vikings can’t wait to host FLS Viking Cup from March 29th to April 1st 2018 in Singapore. The planning committee is doing its utmost to ensure a world-class set-up for the leading annual amateur soccer event in South East Asia.

With so so seasonal performances for both the Cosmo (6th place, 12 games into the season) , Vets (2nd place, 8 games into the season), and Sunday (last place in the league table 1 game into season) teams, Singapore Vikings have their eyes firmly on Viking Cup glory (including the all-important beer drinking competition).

The Singapore Viking coaches are privileged with more than 50 active players to choose from and should have an easy task mustering 3 Viking Cup teams.

Players to watch include:

  • John “Wayne” Groenbech, clinical Vets striker
  • Lightning Leslie, Cosmo striker reportedly faster than his own shadow
  • Jacob “Locomotive” Stabell, unstoppable Vets striker
  • Brian “US” Spitzkeit, midfielder with an unrivaled eye for the game
  • Rene “Doctor” Frandsen, defender celebrating his 27th Viking Cup
  • Buck “White Tiger” Seng, tireless midfielder and only player capable of doing 100+ pushups
  • Marck “T-Rex” Madsen, talented winger/striker with an alcohol-triggered Jekyll/Hyde disorder
  • Mark “rugby” Crouch, midfielder who misses his rugby days
  • Thomas Domino Andersen, currently injured Cosmo midfielder with game-deciding abilities

See you soon in Singapore!!!